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۸۵mm f/1.4 DG HSM

The ۸۵mm focal length is a classic for capturing portraits, and as such, has a version in every lens brand under the sun. So what makes the Sigma one stand out from the rest? Several different things!

For starters, the f/1.4 wide aperture creates a beautiful separation between your subject and their background, creating stunning isolation that is quite trendy in portrait photography today.

Continuing in the same vein as the 20mm Sigma lens above, the 9-blade aperture creates the same type of organic and visually pleasing out-of-focus areas. Pair that with exquisite sharpness, and you have a lens ready to work miracles for your clients.

The lens’s autofocus is equally superb. It is quick to lock onto subjects! The lens is fluent in the language of the camera, helping keep all of the awesome autofocus features intact. Because of this, you can actually utilize this particular Sigma 85mm lens as a sport and action lens as well (something the 85mm is not typically known for).

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